Video Production

Film highlighting residential aged-care services

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The Brief

The video needed to highlight Mercy Care’s Residential Aged-Care Services. The video had to be a generic solution as the client has five sites, which are all quite different. That meant the video could not dwell so much on the facility but rather the connections, cleanliness, safety and fulfilling lives that residents experience across all five sites.

The decision was made to concentrate on three friends – two of whom are residents and one who is a regular visitor. From a storytelling perspective this would allow us to concentrate on quality of life of those in residential aged care, rather than the facilities themselves, and make for much more engaging content.

The target audience for the video was not so much the potential resident but rather the person who was searching for care facilities. Often that’s the potential resident’s daughter.

Amongst other things, the video had to deliver several key messages, including providing peace of mind that residents receive the right type of care and support from a quality care provider, that MercyCare is flexible if needs change, that residents live a fulfilling life and have independence and control, and that there’s a good social connectivity. 

The Solution

The key to making this video a success was to make our three stars feel settled and comfortable before the interview. With no other avenue to get the content, it was imperative they felt at ease and happy to talk. Our producers spent an hour chatting stuff through, getting to know them, and gauging how their relationship worked so they knew who felt passionate about what, who would need encouragement and which one to channel questions through if the others weren’t so willing to talk.

The Result

This is an absorbing and intimate film that hits all the key messages without them appearing “placed”. We see the genuine connection in the visuals.