Owning a place in the market with a clear identity

Building a brand for Glask Construction

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Like many start-ups, the duo at Glask Construction didn’t have any clarity on who they were. It was less of an existential crisis and more of a branding issue—they needed to go on a strategic journey that would cement their brand identity before their public launch. 

In the space of design and construction, the leading competitors were not investing heavily in brand work; therefore, Glask had the opportunity to show their customers exactly who they were, what they stood for, and how they were serving their needs. The focus clearly needed to land on the consumer. By diving deep into three avatars—the progressive entrepreneur, the implementer, and the benefactor—we uncovered what they valued, what worldviews they held, their media behaviour, and the pain points that motivated their actions. 

The rollout:

Strategic thinking to guide a brand identity

The strategic brand work gathered insights from a staff workshop, one-on-one interviews, and desktop consumer research. 

“This project was clearly focused on the words. The team at Glask needed a way to speak about their company and the USP they own, but that all comes from a strategic origin point. Gaining insights into their consumers was vital and really drove the work—we took the focus off the company and spent time in the world of our consumer avatars, asking ourselves things like, ‘What do they care about?’ ‘How do they want to be spoken to?’ Someone once called it method marketing and that’s exactly it.”

Clare Reid, Senior Copywriter.  

With a vast amount of audience intel, we developed a brand tone of voice that Glask could own, one that also felt authentic for the founders. Honest and straightforward, inspiring, charismatic, assuring, reliable, and altruistic. It’s the kind of voice the audience avatars see as authoritative but not arrogant, a competent partner who can drive their project forward.

Caving out a clear space in the market

Carving out a space for Glask in the market really came down to branding. The product itself was largely comparable to others in the industry, but the way the team approached the work and what they stood for as a company really gave them an edge; the creative and strategic thinkers at Lush could then deliver these values-based differentiators to the market with a notable identity. 

“Clare is a gun, fantastic at what she does. She really helped us build our brand and identify who we are and what we’re all about. I feel so proud of what has been created to date. Brendan has pulled the website together, listened to us, and hit the mark from the start, nothing is too hard and it’s a pleasure dealing with him and the rest of your team.

As we grow, these ideas will remain the pillars of our business. Reaching out to Lush was one of the best things we’ve done.”

Kieran Glaser, Founder and Director, Glask Constructions.