Strategic content for a global conference


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Airbridge is more than just a carbon-capture company. They partner with big businesses to create carbon-fed supply chains that have the power to change the world for the better. By capturing the world’s largest cause of climate change and transforming it into products the world needs, Airbridge technology is making a global impact on the health of our planet through decarbonisation.

With an upcoming opportunity to present at the global 2022 ONS conference, Airbridge brought on Lush to create a powerful brand strategy and supporting materials that would maximise the impact of their presentation. We needed to clarify their messaging through a consolidated elevator pitch that effectively communicated the value of this new technology.

Bringing together insights from a brand workshop, desktop research, and interviews with the company’s CEO, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy that would guide Airbridge’s communications moving forward. We defined their brand’s essence, story, USP, strengths, persona, and tone of voice; in addition to identifying and investigating their stakeholders, audience avatars, internal consumer narratives, and audience worldview.

To make the most of the ONS conference presentation, Airbridge needed to communicate its technical content and value proposition in a clear, concise manner to a diverse international audience. Our animator transformed the company’s technical diagrams and data into a sleek, contemporary video at the heart of the presentation. Our editorial team put their speech-writing skills to work, articulating the CEO’s ideas with increased impact; while our design team crafted a set of slick presentation slides to showcase the business.

“Lush demonstrated an impressive ability to fuse our technical content with clear, meaningful language and visuals. By taking the time to really understand our work in decarbonisation and the renewable energy space, they were able to develop a high-impact strategic approach for our collateral; which provided the perfect platform for communicating our work to pivotal stakeholders.”

Stephen McGurk, Founding Director, Airbridge