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Belt Up: Insurance Commission of WA

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A fresh take on road safety, delivered in five short films

Each year, lives are lost in accidents on WA roads. The Insurance Commission of WA’s long-running Belt Up campaign promotes wearing seat belts to reduce the severity of injury in a crash.

We needed to communicate this to grassroots community sporting clubs. By delivering the Belt Up message directly into the hands of players, we hoped to strengthen appreciation for the safety that seat belts provide.

Key to this video production project was delivering a fresh take on this well known road safety message, connecting emotionally with the audience.

Bringing the worlds of sport and road safety together

The online video series that we created features a variety of grassroots community sporting clubs, using local sportspeople rather than paid actors to establish a genuine connection with the audience.

We aimed to bring the worlds of sport and road safety together in funny, surprising, and relatable ways. The solution? We highlighted everyday situations away from the road in which one might wish to have a seat belt for safety. We wanted the audience to see themselves in these scenarios and have a visceral reaction to that feeling of safety. Through this, we sought to build an appreciation for the real-world circumstances where a seat belt truly can save your life.

From accidents on the field to an encounter with a snake in the clubhouse, life presents many unique challenges. This campaign highlights that we don’t always have an easy way to stay safe; and when we do, we should use it.

The Belt Up message is one that’s been heard many times before. Therefore, we crafted the campaign to cut through; positioning the audience to see road safety through a new lens that hits closer to home.

Encouraging road safety to sporting communities

Each of the sporting groups highlighted in the campaign shared it across their social media pages. As a result, it generated a high quality of organic reach to its desired audience. 

The final outcome evoked a strong positive reaction, particularly from the netball, football, and rugby clubs featured. The Insurance Commission of WA will continue to roll out the video throughout this year, creating a lasting impact.