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Smart Homes For Living

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As the go-to editorial partner for Perth builder Smart Homes For Living, Lush completed work across strategy, copywriting, and crisis communications. The brand uses a unique voice to reach millennial and Gen Z buyers in the cluttered home builder market.

Taking a collaborative approach, we worked alongside the client’s lead agency &Partners as well as their SEO agency, internal marketing team, programming team, and business development team. Our task was to infuse creativity into a data-led editorial strategy.

Connecting with a hyper entertainment-led audience

In the highly competitive residential construction industry, many brands centre their voice around sales tactics. Smart Homes For Living disrupts that expectation by utilising a confident, relatable tone to connect with its millennial and Gen-Z audience. It was critical that every piece of editorial work by Lush expressed that voice.

We sought to speak to millennial experience seekers and cause-minded, stability-focused Gen Z home buyers. In doing so, this work required careful attention to balancing retail-driven marketing with an awareness of what’s happening in the media spheres its audience connects with. 

We needed to find the balance between timely pop culture references for socials, and having an entertaining edge in copy that’s going to be used long term.

Clare Reid, Senior Copywriter

Fast-paced editorial production, driven by data

In this rapidly changing market, fast turnarounds are key in meeting launch deadlines. The Lush team efficiently crafted editorial content with a strong focus on conversions, ensuring tight word counts and restrictions were met whilst infusing the content with creativity. 

Providing editorial services across SEO/SEM, social advertising, campaign copy, website content, blog articles, brochures, and signage, we created powerful work within parameters designed to maximise performance. For example, the team crafted flexible Google AdWords copy for A/B testing. This copy was further optimised through rapid iterations in collaboration with Smart Homes For Living’s SEM agency.

Powerful communications during a challenging time

Lush worked with Smart Homes For Living over one of the most difficult times ever faced by residential building companies. Throughout industry-wide trade shortages, construction delays, and a series of major government announcements surrounding COVID-19, Keystart, and building grants, one thing was for certain. Smart Homes For Living needed crisis communications produced swiftly and effectively.

In response, our editorial team crafted media releases, articles, COVID-19 announcements, and EDMs for communicating critical information both internally and externally, in addition to leading strategy development around changes to Keystart.