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For many years now, Lush has worked extensively with CBH, one of the world’s largest and most efficient grain supply chains. CBH delivers millions of tonnes of quality Western Australian grain to customers around the world every year. 

The team at Lush have a natural ability to connect with people and draw out content to produce quality productions for our regional audience.

Annie Bolton, CBH, Lead – Corporate Affairs

We’ve delivered a series of short animations explaining the interactive tools available to growers through the CBH website; produced a similar series introducing the capabilities of a newly launched CBH app; worked closely with the CBH marketing team to produce another series of animations explaining a change in board and governance; produced further films highlighting their three year mental health partnerships program; and finally, produced a new brand video in 2019, and updated it in 2020.

Having worked in close collaboration with the CBH communications department from the early planning stages to messaging right through to execution, the Lush team has a wealth of agriculture industry experience – from grass roots to executive level.

I have felt complete confidence in the team and their ability to engage with our regional communities, while ensuring our brand was consistently at the forefront of their activities.

Annie Bolton, CBH, Lead – Corporate Affairs