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Centurion celebrates 50 years of achievement

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The brief

Centurion is the largest heavy haulage provider in Australia and in 2018, the company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. The team wanted to mark the occasion with a video that could be shared with staff to recognise the company’s incredible journey.

The Centurion team supplied photographs and information covering five decades of company history – right back to the purchase of the original truck by the Cardaci brothers who started the business in 1968.

The solution

The Lush team came to grips with Centurion’s history quickly but needed to bring that history to life. The best way to do that was with good storytelling – and who better to tell a story than the people who were there?

Having identified the stories we knew would resonate with Centurion’s internal audience for this video, we set up an interview so we could get these magnificent stories on camera.

While all the images supplied were fantastic and covered a lot of ground, we were able to create graphics that carried the story and could fill in any gaps very quickly.

The result

Lush created a video that captivated Centurion’s internal audience and appropriately celebrated an inspiring story about how one of WA’s largest privately-owned diversified groups (CFC Group) came into being.

It was important the story captured this feel, and the Lush team did a great job of distilling down a considerable amount of information into a narrative that really captured our journey to where we are today.

Adrian Firth, national marketing and communications manager for Centurion