Video Production

SEQTA's powerful tool for education

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SEQTA provides more than 45,000 teachers and 395,000 students with an integrated, user-friendly learning management system. This Perth based software company streamlines administration processes to allow teachers to focus on what matters most; supporting students. Lush were commissioned to help SEQTA show its audience how easy and powerful its program was.

Bringing the software to life

Lush captured this through video production, bringing the software to life in the form of on-screen tracked graphics. The clean, structured graphics highlight the user-friendly nature of the software, whether it’s being used in the classroom, out and about, or even at home. This execution underscores the core value to users; their time being used more efficiently over a broad variety of applications.

Impact beyond expectations

The SEQTA team were so impressed with the quality of Lush’s interpretations of the software, they subsequently went back to their developers and redesigned the user interface to match what we had produced.

The video was played to software developers at a global tech conference in the USA. After seeing the video, the head of another software business reached out to Lush to commission a strategic video inspired by the piece executed for SEQTA.