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Solving the shortage of rural GPs

Basically, there aren’t enough GPs in rural WA. WAGPET (Western Australian General Practice Education and Training) identified that medical grads were drawn to metro medical careers over rural placements. And regional WA was set to experience ten times the metro GP shortage. Our campaign needed to:

Our answer to the brief

With a limited pool of new medical grads, we needed to show (rather than tell) the benefits of the Rural Generalist Program. With a suite of films, we could emotionally connect with the audience at a pivotal point in their decision-making process and promote the program as medicine with meaning.

Sure, filming four stories in two days, plus B-roll, emergency room footage, and drawing out emotive stories from medical professionals may seem challenging … okay it was challenging but that’s not uncommon for a content campaign of this magnitude.

Lush understood the intangible elements of the campaign that we needed to communicate: the emotion, the heart, and the belonging … We have been able to speak directly to our industry colleagues and beyond.

Sonia Miller, WAGPET Chief Executive Officer

When it came to filming techniques, we ditched the tripods and artificial lighting in favour of a doco-style shoot. The talent were given little to no coaching before their interviews, giving us the raw and authentic reality of working rural.

Genuine interviews are so much more powerful when you’re asking people to connect to your film. We needed graduates to see themselves in the stories we were telling.

Alex Lush, Head of Production

Did we mention it went viral?

With no budget for ad placements the campaign tracked over 6,500 views within a week. 100% organically. The films held up a mirror to the students’ underlying motivations – showing them an emotional narrative they actually wanted to watch.